Many of you know our wonderful friends, the Hagewoods! Benjamin was born 20 years ago and has had a huge impact on our family.

Ben was born with Down Syndrome. He has instilled a special love in me and our family for individuals with different abilities. From a young age we started getting involved with Special Olympics among other accessible sporting organizations, special needs ministry, camps for kids with special needs, respite care, and ultimately leading my sister and I into professions dedicated to helping this population (Sarah a Speech Language Pathologist and myself an Occupational therapist).

Ben has taught us how to love life. He has taught us patience. He has taught us how to find joy in the small things. He has taught us the importance of equality for individuals with special needs which is the passion driving this project!

This house will expectantly help individuals and their families with a wide range of abilities. We want Accessible Views to be a relaxing getaway for the individual(s) benefiting from the features of this house in addition to all the family and caregivers.

~Hannah Newlon, OTR/L