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Accessible Views

Touring Accessible Views

Aaron @ RecTime Share

Take a walk through our newest cabin, Accessible Views. BOOK YOUR STAY! This complete flip of a log cabin brought 2 accessible bedrooms. This cul de sac log cabin features one level from curb to shower and 36″+ doorways throughout. Accessible Views features a wide range of accessibility features for guests of all abilities to enjoy. Two master bedrooms on the main level include en suite bathrooms with roll-in/walk-in showers,...

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Flip Cabins

Flipping The Barn

Aaron @ RecTime Share

RecTime purchased “The Barn” in November 2014 and got to work flipping the cabin. You’ve seen the finished product, but have you seen the original? After months of renovation, Barnyard Shenanigans reopened. Click through the slideshow to read more about the renovations in each room. Let us just say, we love this place now! And knowing the back story helps us appreciate it every time we walk inside. RENT BARNYARD...

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